Headers & Wire Housings MINITEK MICROSPACE 1.27MM STG

Headers & Wire Housings MINITEK MICROSPACE 1.27MM STG

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Description of product

Minitek MicroSpace™ Connector System

Amphenol FCI Minitek MicroSpace™ Connector System is designed based on a crimp-to-wire platform that enables LV214 severity-2 with pitches of 1.27mm, 1.50mm, and 1.80mm. These connectors are customizable in terms of stack heights and the number of positions. The MicroSpace system is available in single- and double-row versions, with top- or side-latch configurations. This solution resists high vibration and offers current ratings of up to 4A per contact and Terminal Positioning Assurance (TPA). Other features include a design based on existing and proven controls and Poka-yoke polarization. Amphenol FCI Minitek MicroSpace Connector System is ideal for applications such as automotive, cameras, sensors, navigation, HVACs, headliners, lighting, power steering, and radios/DVDs.