Headers & Wire Housings Mega-fit M Tml Pre-Tin 12AWG

Headers & Wire Housings Mega-fit M Tml Pre-Tin 12AWG

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Mega-Fit Power Connectors

Molex Mega-Fit Power Connectors deliver up to 23A per circuit set on a 5.7mm pitch. This innovative design allows design engineers more power density than existing mid-range power connectors. Mega-Fit connectors are designed for wire-to-board configurations and can be used in virtually any industry or application. The system provides fully isolated terminals, positive lock housings, and polarized receptacles and housings. This split-box terminal design provides six independent points of contact to offer long-term reliability. Molex Mega-Fit products are UL recognized and CSA approved. All components are lead-free and RoHS compliant.