1394 Interface IC Enhanced product IEEE 1394b three-port cable transceiver/arbiter 80-HTQFP -40 to 110


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Description of product

TSB41BA3F-EP Three-Port Cable Transceiver/Arbiter

Texas Instruments TSB41BA3F-EP Three-Port Cable Transceiver/Arbiter provides the digital and analog transceiver functions needed to implement a three-port node in a cable-based IEEE 1394 network. Each cable port incorporates two differential line transceivers. The transceivers include circuitry to monitor the line conditions as needed for determining connection status, for initialization and arbitration, and packet reception and transmission. The Texas Instruments TSB41BA3F-EP interfaces with a link-layer controller (LLC), such as the TSB82AF15-EP, TSB12LV21, TSB12LV26, TSB12LV32, TSB42AA4, TSB42AB4, TSB12LV01B, TSB12LV01C, or the TSB82AA2. It can also be connected via cable port to an integrated 1394 Link + PHY layer such as the TSB43AB2.