Crimpers / Crimping Tools Hand Crimp Tool for Squba 3.6 Term 18AWG

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Description of product

Squba 1.8mm & 3.6mm Sealed Wire-to-Wire Connectors

Molex Squba Sealed Wire-to-Wire Connectors are a 1.80mm-pitch & 3.6mm sealed wire-to-wire connection system. Molex Squba offers an IP67 NEMA rating and carries 6.0A (1.8mm) and 14.0A (3.6mm) of current to deliver reliable power in a wide range of space-constrained applications. These 2- to 10-circuit sealed connectors offer a protected, low-profile positive latch and sealed caps with protective terminal channels. Primary lock enables 30N terminal retention. Wraparound insulation crimps provide security against seal punctures.