EMI Gaskets, Sheets, Absorbers & Shielding SZ-Auto,Finger 12x2.5x7mm

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Description of product

67x SMD Grounding Gaskets

Laird Performance Materials 67x SMD Grounding Gaskets provide simple board-level electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) solutions for multiple grounding points. These shielding contacts offer a low compression force and meet RoHS requirements. The gaskets are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and plating, making them ready for production. A base material of beryllium copper provides excellent resilience and electrical properties, which makes the contacts suitable for electronic applications. Other base material options are also available. Laird Performance Materials 67x SMD Grounding Gaskets are ideal for medical equipment and devices, laptop computers, tablets, networking equipment, automotive and electronic components, smartphones, printers, and more.