Common Mode Chokes / Filters WE-CNSW 105.3uH 90mA 6000 kOhm AECQ200

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Description of product

AEC-Q200 Products

Würth Elektronik AEC-Q200 Products meet or surpass AEC-Q200 standards and are manufactured with internal structures that differ from conventional product offerings. These automotive-grade parts include a range of axial EMI suppression ferrites, SMD EMI suppression ferrite beads, and a variety of inductor types. This AEC-Q200 qualified product line is highlighted by extended temperature ranges and high process capability levels. These features allows for additional quality controls and a higher level of automation, with production on strictly defined production lines. Würth Elektronik AEC-Q200 Products are ideal for wires, cable interfaces, DC/DC converters, power supplies, switching regulators, data lines, and signal lines.