AC/DC Converters 3W 85-35Vin 12Vout 250mA 1.45INx0.95IN

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Description of product

RAC02E-K/277 & RAC03E-K/277 AC/DC Power Modules

RECOM Power RAC02E-K/277 and RAC03E-K/277 AC/DC Power Modules offer 85VAC to 305VAC input voltage range and 4kVAC isolation input/output. These power modules feature a low profile and encapsulated print-mountable modules in an industry-standard pinout. The RAC02E and RAC03E modules hold international safety certifications for industrial, domestic, and ITE. These power modules operate at 100VAC to 277VAC nominal input voltage range, 1GΩ minimum isolation resistance, and 100pF maximum isolation capacitance. The RAC02E and RAC03E are suitable for worldwide applications in automation control, industry 4, and the Internet of Things (IoT).