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TLE9012AQU Battery Monitoring & Balancing IC

Infineon Technologies TLE9012AQU Battery Monitoring and Balancing IC is designed for Li-Ion battery packs used in automotive, industrial, and consumer applications. This IC performs four main functions including temperature measurement, cell voltage measurement, cell balancing, and isolated communication to the main battery controller. The TLE9012AQU battery monitoring and balancing IC also provides the necessary diagnostic tools to ensure the proper functioning of the controlled battery. This IC can monitor up to 12 series-connected cells and supports hot-plugging and communication of more than 20 devices. The TLE9012AQU IC offers 16-bit high-resolution ADC measurement for each cell, built-in noise filtering, and high-accuracy measurement for State-of-Charge (SoC) and State-of-Health (SoH) calculation. This IC consists of five temperature measurement channels for connection to external NTC and an integrated balancing switch allowing up to 150mA balancing current.