Bipolar Transistors - Pre-Biased PNP + NPN BRT, Q1BSR=4.7kOhm, Q1BER=Inf.kOhm, Q2BSR=4.7kOhm, Q2BER=Inf.kOhm, VCEO=-50V, IC=-0.1A

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Bias Resistor Built-in Transistors (BRT)

Toshiba Bias Resistor Built-in Transistors (BRT) offer a wide range of polarity options. The bias resistor transistors are available in NPN, PNP, NPN + PNP, PNP + NPN, NPN x 2, and PNP x 2 polarities. The bias resistor built-in transistors offer 3-pin, 5-pin, and 6-pin configurations with options for single, 2-in-1 (point-symmetrical), and 2-in-1 (common-emitter) internal connections.