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Description of product

8-MOSFET Solid-State Power Driver

Crowd Supply 8-MOSFET Solid-State Power Driver is used to control up to eight loads, and stackable with up to eight to control 64 loads. All necessary mounting hardware, connectors, and two jumpers are included. Also available is an adapter board that can drive the 8-MOSFET using any one of five different MCU and SBC form factors. This includes Arduino Nano, Arduino Uno, Teensy, ESP32 DevKit, and AdaFruit Feather boards. A Parallel-to-the-Rail DIN-Rail Mounting Kit is also available for mounting one or more 8-MOSFET boards parallel to the DIN rail. And also a Perpendicular-to-the-Rail DIN Rail Mounting Kit for mounting one or more 8-MOSFET boards perpendicular to the DIN rail.