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ADM1293/ADM1294 Digital Power Monitors

Analog Devices ADM1293/ADM1294 Digital Power Monitors are high accuracy, integrated digital power monitors that provide digital current, voltage, and power monitoring using an on-chip, 12-bit analog-to-digital converter (ADC), communicated through a PMBus™ compliant I²C interface. ADM1293/ADM1294 Digital Power Monitors receive the current by measuring the voltage difference across the external sense resistor. ADM1293/ADM1294 amplifies and digitizes the voltage using an internal 12-bit ADC. In addition, that same ADC can sample the primary input voltage and an auxiliary input voltage. ADM1293/ADM1294's internal digital block performs multiplication of the current and primary input voltage for power calculation. The devices also feature a power accumulator for energy metering. An industry-standard PMBus interface enables a master controller to read back the data from the device. The master controller combines the information with a known sense resistor value to calculate the current, voltage, power, and energy consumption over time on the monitored rail. ADM1293 Digital Power Monitors are designed for high-side supply monitoring with a voltage monitoring range from 0V to 20V. The ADM1294 Digital Power Monitors are designed for low-side supply monitoring.