Digital Isolators 2.5 kV 1 forward & 1 reverse 2-channel isolator

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Si86xx Digital Isolators

Silicon Labs Si86xx Digital Isolators offer highly reliable, high-speed operation for demanding applications with isolation ratings up to 5kV. Si86xx Digital Isolators replace optocouplers in target applications requiring robust operation and high levels of insulation protection, such as industrial automation and drives, motor control, and medical systems. The Si86xx family offers an isolation solution for isolated AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, as well as solar panel microinverters, data communications systems, and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). Si86xx isolators deliver a data rate of 150Mbps across a temperature range of -40 to +125ºC, as well as ultra-low power operation of less than 1.6mA per channel at 1Mbps for energy-efficient system design.