Digital Isolators 2-Channel, 3.75kVRMS Digital Isolators

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MAX12930/MAX12931 Two-Channel Digital Isolators

Maxim Integrated MAX12930/MAX12931 Two-Channel Digital Isolators transfer digital signals between circuits with different power domains while using as little as 0.65mW per channel at 1Mbps with 1.8V. The two channels of the MAX12930/MAX12931 transfer data in opposite directions, and this makes the MAX12930/MAX12931 ideal for isolating the TX and RX lines of a transceiver. This device has a maximum data rate of either 25Mbps or 150Mbps and with the default outputs that are either high or low. The default is the state the output assumes when the input is not powered, or if the input is open-circuit. Independent 1.71V to 5.5V supplies on each side of the isolator also make the devices suitable for use as level translators.