Diodes - General Purpose, Power, Switching WNC3060D45160W/TO247/STANDARD MARKING * HORIZONTAL, RAIL PACK

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Description of product

WNC3060D45160W Hyperfast Recovery Diode

WeEn Semiconductors WNC3060D45160W Hyperfast Recovery Diode with standard recovery diode comes in one package. The package comes with two reference parts forward diode BYC30W-600P and bypass diode WND45P16 that saves space in customer applications. The forward diode BYC30W-600P features hyperfast switching, low reverse recovery current, and soft reverse recovery characteristics. This BYC30W-600P diode is designed with platinum doped technology (SABER) for low leakage current at high temperatures with no risk of thermal runaway. The bypass diode WND45P16W features low leakage current, high voltage capability, and high inrush current capability. This WND45P16W diode is designed with planar technology. Typical applications include solar inverter and Continuous Current Mode (CCM) Power Factor Correction (PFC).