Signal Conditioning DUAL LOW PASS FLTR / SM / RoHS

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Description of product

DLFCN-290+ LTCC Dual Low Pass Filters

Mini-Circuits DLFCN-290+ Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) Dual Low Pass Filters feature a passband with a DC to 290MHz frequency. Mini-Circuits DLFCN-290+ Dual Low Pass Filters can operate as a balanced input / output filter. DLFCN-290+ is ideal for applications requiring filtering of balanced signals on dual 50Ω lines, such as digital-to-analog converters, analog-to-digital converters, systems with very low noise requirements, and more. The filter provides low insertion loss in the passband, and a very wide stopband up to 2000MHz, making it suitable for use in wideband systems with many harmonics and spurious products. The unit comes housed in a rugged 1206 ceramic package, with wraparound terminations for excellent solderability.