ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes TVS Diode ESD Suppressor, SOP-8, Bidirectional, 15 Vdc Reverse Standoff Voltage, 60 pF

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TVS Diode ESD Suppressors

Eaton TVS Diode ESD Suppressors provide highly reliable protection against fast and damaging voltage transients, such as electrostatic discharge, electrically fast transients, and induced lighting. These suppressors offer a 3.3V to 70V reverse working range, up to 240A peak pulse current, and as low as 0.07pF capacitance. These TVS Diodes, offered in discrete and arrays, feature a fast response time, high voltage withstand capability, long life, and low capacitance. These attributes make these diodes ideal for sensitive ICs with high-speed interfaces. Eaton TVS Diodes are made for use in a wide variety of consumer, computing, power systems, medical, and industrial applications.