FFC / FPC Jumper Cables Premo-Flex 1.0 Jmpr Lgt 102 TypeA 09Ckts

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Description of product

Premo-Flex FFC Jumpers

Molex Premo-Flex Flat Flexible Cable (FFC) Jumpers provide flexible design options for applications requiring connections between PCBs. These FFC Jumpers feature high-temperature ratings up to +105°C, and terminate to either Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) or non-ZIF connectors. Compatible with industry-standard ZIF cable thickness requirements, the 0.27mm (.011") thick Premo-Flex FFC Jumpers are easy-to-assemble, even in highly customized hard-to-reach environments, and can be implemented into existing applications. Offering flexible design-in options, Molex FFC Jumpers are well-suited for applications in virtually any industry including automotive, consumer, computer, and medical applications.