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Galvanically Isolated High Current Gate Drivers

ON Semiconductor Galvanically Isolated High Current Gate Drivers offer high transient and electromagnetic immunity. The NCx5700x is a high-current single-channel IGBT driver with internal galvanic isolation, designed for high system efficiency and reliability in high power applications. The drivers feature complementary inputs, open-drain FAULT and Ready outputs, active Miller clamp, accurate UVLOs, DESAT protection, soft turn-off at DESAT, and separate high and low (OUTH and OUTL) driver outputs for system design convenience. The NCx5700x accommodates both 5V and 3.3V signals on the input side and a wide bias voltage range on the driver side, including negative voltage capability. They provide>5kVRMS (UL1577 rating) galvanic isolation and >1200VIORM (working voltage) capabilities. The NCx5700x series are available in the wide-body SOIC-16 package with a guaranteed 8mm creepage distance between input and output to fulfill reinforced safety insulation requirements.