High Speed Optocouplers High speed photocoupler; 5pin SO6; RoHS; ; VDE

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Description of product

TLP2372 High-Speed Photocoupler

Toshiba TLP2372 High-Speed Photocoupler is a 20Mbps high-speed photocoupler operated at a low supply voltage in the small SO6 package. Since a supply voltage of only 2.2V is needed to operate TLP2372, building another power supply circuit is unnecessary even in using it in a low supply voltage system of 2.5V LVCMOS level. Therefore, this product contributes to reducing the number of components. The low threshold input current (IFLH) of 1.6mA (Max.) and the low supply current (IDDL/IDDH) of 0.5mA (Max.) at the entire operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C enables TLP2372 to be driven from a microcontroller directly and provides an energy saving of systems. The detector has a totem-pole output stage with current sourcing and sinking capabilities. TLP2372 has an internal Faraday shield that provides a guaranteed common-mode transient immunity of ±20kV/µs.