IGBT Transistors INDUSTRY 14

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Infineon Technologies 1200V TRENCHSTOP™ IGBT6 are designed to meet requirements of high efficiency, lower conduction losses, and switching losses. These TRENCHSTOP IGBT6 feature low gate charge, low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), easy paralleling capability, high efficiency in hard switching, and resonant topologies. The TRENCHSTOP IGBT6 is released in 2 product families, low conduction losses optimized S6 series and improved switching losses H6 series. These IGBT6 are easy, plug and play replacement of predecessor HighSpeed3 H3 IGBT. The TRENCHSTOP IGBT6 implement the trench and fieldstop technology copacked with soft and fast recovery anti-parallel diode. These 1200V TRENCHSTOP IGBT6 achieve easy paralleling capability due to positive temperature coefficient in VCEsat. Typical applications include industrial UPS, energy storage, three-level solar string inverter, and welding.