Interface - Signal Buffers, Repeaters Active Display,W-QFN6040-40,T&R,3.5K

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PI3DPX1205A DP-Alt Type-C Linear ReDrivers™

Diodes Incorporated PI3DPX1205A Type-C Linear ReDrivers™ are the DisplayPort Alt Mode (DP-Alt 1.4) 6:4 active mux linear ReDriver supporting DP Link-Training transparent for a source-side application. This device is compliant with the VESA DP Alt 1.4 (8.1Gbps) and USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) industry standards. Diodes Incorporated PI3DPX1205A feature receiver equalization, flat gain, and -1dB compression output swing for each DP / USB mode. This non-blocking linear ReDrivers provide 2x better additive jitter performance than the other conventional CMOS ReDrivers. Typical applications include notebooks, desktop PCs, tablets, docking, and embedded systems.