Interface - Specialised 2-bit level-translating 400-kHz I2C/SMBus buffer/repeater with internal 1-mA current source 8-X2QFN -40 to 85

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Description of product

TCA9509 Level Translating I2C/SMBus Bus Repeater

Texas Instruments TCA9509 I2C Bus / SMBus Repeater is designed for use in I2C/SMBus systems. The TCA9509 can also provide bidirectional voltage-level translation (up-translation/down-translation) between low voltages (down to 0.9V) and higher voltages (2.7V to 5.5V) in mixed-mode applications. This device enables I2C and similar bus systems to be extended, without degradation of performance even during level shifting. The TCA9509 buffers both the serial data (SDA) and the serial clock (SCL) signals on the I2C bus, allowing 400pF bus capacitance on the B-side. This device can also be used to isolate two halves of a bus for voltage and capacitance. The Texas Instruments TCA9509 has two types of drivers - A-side drivers and B-side drivers. All inputs and B-side I/Os are over-voltage tolerant to 5.5V. The A-side I/Os are overvoltage tolerant to 5.5V when the device is unpowered (VCCB and/or VCCA=0V).