LCD Drivers Automotive 2-Ch TFT-LCD Power Supply

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MAX25520 Automotive 2-Channel TFT-LCD Power Supply

Maxim Integrated MAX25520 Automotive 2-Channel TFT-LCD Power Supply is a dual-output power IC. The MAX25520 provides symmetrical or asymmetrical positive and negative voltages up to 10.5V and down to -10.5V. It's +/-12V with the MAX25520ATEC with an input voltage between 2.65V and 5.5V. The device has a fully integrated current-mode boost converter and a current-mode inverter with an external rectifier. The device operates at 420kHz or 2.1MHz. Operation at 2.1MHz permits very compact dual-output power supplies. The two output voltages can be programmed independently or can be made to track each other. Independent enable pins allow complete flexibility in powering the outputs up and down. The outputs are protected against overcurrent and undervoltage. The MAX25520 is available in a compact 3x3mm TQFN package and operates over the -40 to 125°C temperature range.