LDO Voltage Regulators Automotive 150-mA, 40-V, low-dropout (LDO) linear regulator with enable and fast transient response 4-SOT-223 -40 to 150

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TPS7B84-Q1 Low-Dropout Regulators

Texas Instruments TPS7B84-Q1 Low-Dropout Regulators are designed to connect to the battery in automotive applications. The TPS7B84-Q1 LDO Regulators have an input voltage range extending to 40V, which allows the device to withstand transients (such as load dump) that are anticipated in automotive systems. The TPS7B84-Q1 device is an optimal solution for powering always-on components such as microcontrollers (MCUs) and controller area network (CAN) transceivers in standby systems, using only a 18µA quiescent current.