LDO Voltage Regulators LDO Reg, Ultra-Low Dropout 3A


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NCV5974x LDO Voltage Regulators

ON Semiconductor NCV5974x LDO Voltage Regulators are dual rail and very low-dropout linear regulators with programmable Soft-Start and offer output current in excess of 3A. These regulators contain adjustable output voltage version with output voltage down to 0.8V. The NCV5974 regulators support internal protection features such as built-in thermal shutdown and output current limiting protection. These regulators also offer user-programmable Soft-Start and power good pins. The NCV567x regulators are available in two variants such as the NCV56744 that provide 115mV dropout voltage and NCV56749 that offer 120mV dropout voltage. Typical applications include switching power supply post-regulation, automotive, telecom, and industrial equipment Point of Load regulation.