LED Lighting Drivers 36-Channel RGB LED Driver with I2C Control

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KTD2061 36-Channel RGB LED Driver

Kinetic Technologies KTD2061 36-Channel RGB LED Driver is a fully programmable current regulator for up to 12 RGB LED modules. The driver is ideally powered from a supply rail in the 3V to 5V nominal range. Three 4-wire buses are multiplexed to reduce the pin-count and PCB traces to the LEDs. The I2C control interface is used to set the LED colour palette and then dynamically select the on/off status and colour of each red-green-blue module. KTD2061 integrates a hardware fade engine per channel, which reduces the amount of software commands traditionally required to implement a lighting pattern. BrightExtend™ technology enables battery operation by decreasing dropout when the input voltage is too low for the forward voltage of the LEDs.