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NLM0011/NLM0010 NFC Wireless Configuration IC

Infineon NLM0011/NLM0010 NFC Wireless Configuration IC with PWM output is compatible with existing analogue LED-driver designs. These devices are also compatible with the NFC-programming specification from the Module-Driver Interface Special Interest Group (MD-SIG). This device is primarily designed for LED applications to enable NFC programming. Also, advanced features such as constant lumen output (CLO) as well as on/off counting are integrated, and there is no need for an additional microcontroller. Since the NLM0011 is designed to work together with mainstream analogue driver ICs, there are no firmware development efforts needed. It can be easily adapted into existing designs to replace the “plug-in resistor” current configuration concept. The NLM0010 is a light version without the CLO function.