LED Lighting Drivers DLP® system management and illumination controller with functional safety capabilities 100-HTQFP -40 to 105

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TPS99000x-Q1 System & Illumination Controller

Texas Instruments TPS99000x-Q1 System Management & Illumination Controller is part of the DLP553x-Q1 chipset, which also includes the DLPC230x-Q1 DMD display controller. The chipset provides all functions needed to support and exceed typical 5000:1 display dimming requirements for Head-Up Display (HUD) applications, with typical requirements of 3 to 15,000 nits brightness range and tight color point control. An integrated DMD high-voltage regulator supplies DMD mirror reference voltages, meeting the required tight tolerances. The power supply sequencer and monitor provide robust coordination of power-up and power-down events for the entire chipset.