LED Lighting Drivers LED Linear Driver W-DFN2020-3/SWP T&R 3K

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AL5810QFJ3-7 Adjustable 60V Linear LED Driver

Diodes Incorporated AL5810QFJ3-7 Adjustable 60V Linear LED Driver offers excellent temperature and voltage-current stability with output adjustable handling capability. This LED driver features a simplified design by setting the LED current with an external resistor using standard value resistors. The AL5810Q features open-drain output that ranges from 2V to 60V enabling it to drive long LED chains for high side or low side LED strings. This LED driver features a low 0.5V RSET pin that can maintain current accuracy by minimizing the required overheads to regulate the LED current. This reduces the power dissipation when compared to traditional linear LED drivers making it ideal for driving LEDs up to 200mA. The AL5810Q is available in the Wettable Flank W-DFN2020-3/SWP (Type A) package (2mm x 2mm) and offers power dissipation (PD) up to 2W.