LED Lighting Drivers Synchronous Boost with Synchronous Buck LED Controllers

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MAX25601A/B/C/D Boost-Buck Controller

Maxim MAX25601A/MAX25601B/MAX25601C/MAX25601D Synchronous Boost-Buck Controller is a synchronous boost controller followed by a synchronous buck LED controller. The 4.5V to 40V input voltage range of the boost controller is ideal for automotive applications, and acts as a pre-boost power supply for the second-stage buck LED controller. The synchronous boost is a current-mode controller that can be paralleled with another device to provide higher output power. A SYNC OUT pin provides the clock to drive the RT/SYNC IN pin of the other device, enabling two-phase 180-degree out-of-phase operation. The boost converter can be programmed with a switching frequency of 200kHz to 2.2MHz. A spread spectrum is included to reduce EMI. An internal digital soft-start feature is provided to enable a smooth power-up of the boost output. Protection features like hiccup mode, overvoltage protection, and thermal shutdown are provided.