LIN Transceivers Automotive local interconnect network (LIN) Transceiver with integrated voltage regulator 8-SOIC -40 to 125

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TLIN1028-Q1/TLIN1028S-Q1 LIN Transceiver

Texas Instruments TLIN1028-Q1/TLIN1028S-Q1 LIN Transceiver Automotive LIN Transceiver is compliant to LIN 2.2A ISO/DIS 17987-4.2 standards, with an integrated low dropout (LDO) voltage regulator. LIN is a single-wire bidirectional bus typically used for low-speed in-vehicle networks using data rates up to 20kbps. The LIN receiver supports data rates up to 100kbps for end-of-line programming. The TLIN1028-Q1/TLIN1028S-Q1 LIN Transceiver converts the LIN protocol data stream on the TXD input into a LIN bus signal. The receiver converts the data stream to logic level signals that are sent to the microprocessor through the open-drain RXD pin.