LIN Transceivers Automotive local interconnect network (LIN) transceiver with WAKE/INH and 58V bus fault protection 8-SON -40 to 125

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TLINx021-Q1/TLINx021A-Q1 LIN Transceivers

Texas Instruments TLINx021-Q1/TLINx021A-Q1 Local Interconnect Network (LIN) Transceivers are low speed universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART) communication protocol that supports automotive in-vehicle networking. The TLINx021-Q1/TLINx021A-Q1 transmitter supports data rates up to 20kbps, and the receiver supports data rates up to 100kbps for faster end-of-line programming. The TLINx021-Q1/TLINx021A-Q1 controls the state of the LIN bus via the TXD pin and reports the state of the bus on its open-drain RXD output pin. Each device has a current-limited wave-shaping driver to reduce electromagnetic emissions (EME). The TLIN1021-Q1/TLIN1021A-Q1 is designed to support 12V applications, while the TLIN2021-Q1 is designed to support 24V applications. Each device supports a wide input voltage operating range and a low-power sleep mode. The TLIN-x021-Q1/TLINx021A-Q1 supports wake-up from low-power mode via wake over LIN, the WAKE pin, or the EN pin. Both devices also allow for system-level reductions in battery current consumption by selectively enabling the various power supplies that may be present on a node through the output pin.