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Shielded Gate PowerTrench® MOSFETs

ON Semiconductor Shielded Gate PowerTrench® MOSFETs are 100V N-channel MV MOSFETs developed using an advanced PowerTrench® process that integrates Shielded Gate Technology. These MOSFETs minimize on-state resistance (RDSON) and reverse recovery charge (Qrr) to deliver superior switching performance and efficiency. The small gate charge (QG), small reverse recovery charge (Qrr), and Figure of Merit (FOM) ensure fast switching for synchronous rectification applications. These device have little to no voltage overshoot, reduces voltage ringing, and lowers EMI for applications requiring a 100V-rated MOSFET such as power supplies and motor drives. In addition these MOSFET's increased power density allows wider MOSFET de-rating. These devices are 100% UIL tested and is available in a MSL1 robust package design.