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AEC-Q101 Automotive MOSFETs

ROHM AEC-Q101 Automotive MOSFETs provide wide drive type and support from a small signal to high power. These MOSFETs are available in a wide range of microminiature packages and help reduce the board space. The AEC-Q101 MOSFETs are automotive supported products and are based on standard AEC-Q101. These MOSFETs offer high-speed switching and low on-resistance. The AEC-Q101 MOSFETs are available in single and dual polarities and provide a drain-source voltage ranging from -100VDSS to 100VDSS. These MOSFETs offer a drain-current ranging from -25A to 40A and RDS(on) ranging from 0.004Ω to 3Ω (typical). The AEC-Q101 MOSFETs provide total gate charge in the range of 2nC to 80nC.