Motor/Motion/Ignition Controllers & Drivers H-Bridge, SPI, Brushed DC Motor Driver, 5-28 V, 10 A, Cur FB, Sleep, SM-8, HVQFN (6x6) 28

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MC33HB2000 Power ICs & Drivers

NXP Semiconductors MC33HB2000 Power ICs and Drivers are a SMARTMOS monolithic H-Bridge ICs enhanced with SPI configuration and diagnostic capabilities. These power ICs are able to control inductive loads with peak currents greater than 10A and the nominal continuous average load current is 3A. The MC33HB2000 ICs are designed to address the ISO26262 safety requirements, meets the stringent requirements of automotive applications, and AEC-Q100 qualified. These power ICs are highly accurate in real-time current feedback through a current mirror output signal with less than 5% error. The MC33HB2000 ICs operate at 5V to 28V voltage range. These power ICs are ideal for use in electronic throttle control, Exhaust Gas Recirculation control (EGR), electric pumps, turbo, and waste flap control.