Solder Henkel's LOCTITE GC 10 Solder Paste, Flux Type GC 10, SAC305 Alloy, DAP Powder Type, T4 Particle Size Distribution, 88.5 Metal Loading, Semco, Game Changer 10 Series

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Description of product

Game Changer Solder Paste

LOCTITE Game Changer (GC) Solder Paste offers a 15µm to 45µm powder particle size distribution and Pb-free soldering. The LOCTITE GC 3W Solder Paste is water-washable and is specially formulated to provide excellent humidity resistance. The GC 3W series is formulated so residues can be cleaned with deionized water and is suitable for fine pitch, high speed printing up to 150mms-1. The fully halide- and halogen-free formulation combines the properties of high-activity flux performance and temperature stability. Benefits of the 3W solder paste include improved reflow, improved cleanability, and improved paste management.