Power Management Specialised - PMIC SafeTI-ISO26262 ASIL-D multi-rail power supply for MCUs with 500mA I/O rail and rotation counter 48-HTSSOP -40 to 125

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TPS653853A-Q1/TPS653854A-Q1 Power Supply

Texas Instruments TPS653853A-Q1/TPS653854A-Q1 Multi-Rail Power Supply is designed to supply microcontrollers in safety-relevant applications, such as those found in the automotive industry. The device supports functional safety microcontrollers with dual-core lockstep (LS) and other multi-core architectures. The TPS653853A-Q1/TPS653854A-Q1 integrates multiple supply rails to power the MCU, CAN or FlexRay, and external sensors. A buck-boost converter, with internal FETs, converts the input battery voltage between 2.3V and 36V to a 6V pre-regulator output that supplies the other regulators. An integrated charge pump provides an overdrive voltage for the internal regulators and can also be used to drive an external NMOS FET as reverse battery protection. The device supports wake-up from an ignition signal (IGN pin) or wake-up from a CAN transceiver or other signal (CAN_WU pin).