Power Management Specialised - PMIC TPSM82822EVM-080

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Description of product

TPSM82821EVM-080/TPSM82822EVM-080 EVMs

Texas Instruments TPSM82821EVM-080/TPSM82822EVM-080 Evaluation Modules (EVMs) are designed to help the user easily evaluate and test the operation and functionality of the TPSM82821 or TPSM82822 power modules. The evaluation modules convert a 2.4V to 5.5V input voltage to a 1.8V regulated output voltage at up to 1A (TPSM82821EVM-080) or 2A (TPSM82822EVM-080) of output current. The TPSM82821EVM-080/TPSM82822EVM-080 includes the IC and inductor to achieve a total solution size of 29mm2. The TPSM82821 and TPSM82822 are highly efficient and small solutions for point-of-load (POL) modules in applications, such as optical modules, machine vision, embedded camera system, and patient monitoring and diagnostics.