Extraction, Removal & Insertion Tools Extraction Tool (for RTHP series), Size 8 (3.6mm) Contact

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ecomate® Rugged Metal (RM) Shielded Connectors

Amphenol Sine Systems ecomate® Rugged Metal (RM) Shielded Connectors feature quick, reliable mating, with mixed power and signal layouts. These connectors are available in standard and high amperage versions. The standard connectors offer various shell sizes with multiple insert arrangements and are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The high amperage connectors are able to endure large currents and high voltage and are typically used in hybrid electric vehicles. High amperage connectors are available in single-pole, high-power arrangements and feature Amphenol's proprietary RADSOK® technology. Amphenol ecomate RM circular connectors are ideal for use in automotive, energy, industrial, medical, telecom, and aerospace applications.