RS-485 Interface IC Full Duplex 50Mbps RS-485/422 xcvr w/Vio

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ADM306x Interface RS-485 Transceivers

Analog Devices ADM306x Interface RS-485 Transceivers are 3.0V to 5.5V, IEC electrostatic discharge (ESD) protected RS-485 transceivers. This allows the devices to withstand ±12kV contact discharges on the transceiver bus pins without latch-up or damage. The ADM306x features a VIO logic supply pin that allows a flexible digital interface capable of operating as low as 1.62V. The ADM3065E/ADM3066E/ADM3067E/ADM3068E are suitable for high-speed, 50Mbps, bi-directional data communication on multipoint bus transmission lines. The ADM3061E/ADM3062E/ADM3063E/ADM3064E feature a 1/4 unit load input impedance that allows up to 128 transceivers on a bus. The ADM3061E/ADM3062E/ADM3063E/ADM3064E models offer all of the same features as the ADM3065E/ADM3066E/ADM3067E/ADM3068E models at a low 500kbps data rate that is suitable for operation over long cable runs.