Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 30A,170V,SMPD, TRENCH SKY RECT.

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eSMP® SMPD Schottky Rectifiers

Vishay General Semiconductor eSMP® SMPD Schottky Rectifiers offer 45V-200V devices with a current rating of 10A to 60A. The SMPD rectifiers provide a 0.4V low forward voltage drop at 15A. These Schottky rectifiers offer a low-profile surface-mount package with a typical height of <1.7mm. The SMPD (TO-263AC) package is compatible with the D2PAK (TO-263AB) package. These Schottky rectifiers are AEC-Q101 qualified, RoHS compliant, and halogen-free devices. Applications include high-frequency DC/DC converters, OR-ing diodes, and automotive applications.