Serializers & Deserializers - Serdes Programmable 27-bit display serial interface receiver 80-NFBGA -40 to 85

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SN65LVDS302 Display Serial Interface Receiver

Texas Instruments SN65LVDS302 Programmable 27-Bit Display Serial Interface Receiver de-serializes FlatLink™ 3G compliant serial input data to 27 parallel data outputs. The Texas Instruments SN65LVDS302 receiver contains one shift register to load 30 bits from 1, 2, or 3 serial inputs and latches the 24-pixel bits and three control bits out to the parallel CMOS outputs after checking the parity bit. If the parity check confirms correct parity, the Channel Parity Error (CPE) output remains low. If a parity error is detected, the CPE output generates a high pulse while the data output bus disregards the newly-received pixel. Instead, the last data word is held on the output bus for another clock cycle.