Switching Controllers 2.2-MHz wide VIN, 1.5-A MOSFET driver, non-synchronous boost controller, AEC-Q100 qualified 12-WSON -40 to 150

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Description of product

LM5155/LM5155-Q1 Non-Synchronous Boost Controllers

Texas Instruments LM5155/LM5155-Q1 Non-Synchronous Boost Controllers offer a wide input range and utilizes peak current mode control. The LM5155/LM5155-Q1 allows boost, SEPIC, and flyback topologies. Featured for the LM5155/LM5155-Q1, is a 1-cell battery startup with a minimum of 2.97V if the BIAS pin is connected to the VCC pin. Additionally, the device can operate with the input supply voltage as low as 1.5V if the BIAS pin is greater than 3.5V.