Switching Controllers 60V H-Bridge Step-Up/Step-Down Controller

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MAX15158/MAX15158A Multiphase Boost Controllers

Maxim MAX15158/MAX15158A High-Voltage Multiphase Boost Controllers are designed to support up to two MOSFET drivers and four external MOSFETs in single-phase or dual-phase boost/inverting-buck-boost configurations. Two devices can be stacked up for quad-phase operation. The output voltage of the MAX15158 can be dynamically set through the 1V to 2.2V reference input (REFIN), for modular design support. For the MAX15158A, the REFIN pin is removed, and the internal 2.0V reference voltage is selected by default. The switching frequency is controlled either through an external resistor setting the internal oscillator or by synchronizing the regulator to an external clock. The devices are designed to support 120kHz to 1MHz switching frequencies. The controllers have a dedicated enable/input undervoltage-lockout (EN/UVLO) pin to configure for flexible power sequencing.