Switching Controllers Multiphase Buck Converter Expander

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LT8550 4-Phase DC/DC Expander

Analog Devices Inc. LT8550 4-Phase DC/DC Expander is a multi-phase expander for synchronous buck DC/DC converters. The device operates in tandem with any buck DC/DC converter to increase the load current capability by adding additional phases, which are clocked out-of-phase to reduce ripple current and filtering capacitance. This feature easily adds phases without the need to route sensitive feedback and control signals. The LT8550 integrates gate drivers and can support up to four buck phases per device. Multiple LT8550s can be used for up to 18 phases. It accurately monitors and adjusts the current of each channel to achieve excellent DC and transient current sharing. The LT8550 operates over a fixed frequency from 100kHz to 1MHz or can be synchronized to an external clock.