Telecom Interface ICs 4CH SLAC 3V 20 I/0 PQT44 T&R

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Le58QL022 Quad Low Voltage QLSLAC™

Microsemi / Microchip Le58QL022 Quad Low Voltage Subscriber Line Audio-Processing Circuits (QLSLAC™) integrate the key functions of analog line cards into high-performance, very programmable, four-channel codec-filter devices. The QLSLAC devices are based on the proven design of Legerity’s reliable SLAC™ device families. The advanced architecture of the QLSLAC devices implements four independent channels. These channels employ digital filters to allow software control of transmission, thus providing a cost-effective solution for the audio-processing function of programmable line cards. The QLSLAC devices are software and coefficient compatible with the QSLAC devices.