Transistor Output Optocouplers 80V Vceo; 3750 VRMS SOP-4; 160 CTR

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Description of product

Automotive Transistor Output Optocouplers

Vishay Automotive Transistor Output Optocouplers have enhanced reliability required for automotive applications as well as many industrial and medical applications. The VOMA617A and VOM618A family of AEC-Q101-qualified optocouplers feature low input current while still providing high current transfer ratios. This feature improves the overall efficiency of end-products and, with forward currents as low as 1mA, allows microcontrollers to provide the drive current. Vishay Automotive Transistor Output Optocouplers also sport an extremely high level of both safety isolation and noise isolation. This allows the implementation of compact solutions that safely handle the control of high AC and DC voltages and reduces the effects of high-frequency noise. Vishay’s new family of AEC-Q101 optocouplers provide effective and economic solutions for demanding high-reliability applications.