USB Interface IC Programmable USB Type-C Controller with PD (Default SRC) Programmable USB Type-C Controller w/PD


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FUSB302T Programmable USB Type‐C Controllers w/PD

ON Semiconductor FUSB302T Programmable USB Type‐C Controllers with Power Delivery (w/PD) enable the USB Type-C detection including attach/detach and orientation. These controllers come with default SRC function and support DRP/SRC/SNK with a low amount of programmability. The FUSB302T controllers integrate the physical layer of the USB Biphase Mark Coding (BMC) PD protocol to allow up to 100W of power and role swap. The BMC PD block enables full support for alternative interfaces of the Type-C specification. The FUSB302T controllers are able to connect as a host or a device based on the attached device. Typical applications include charging/wall adaptors, automotive cigarette adaptors, laptops, notebooks, and power adaptors.