USB Interface IC USB Type-A SDP/CDP automotive charge port converter cable compensation 32-VQFN -40 to 125

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TPS2584x-Q1 USB Type-A Charge Port Converter

Texas Instruments TPS2584x-Q1 USB Type-A Charge Port Converter is a BC1.2 charging solution that includes a synchronous DC/DC converter. With cable droop compensation, the VBUS voltage remains constant regardless of load current. This ensures that ensuring connected portable devices are charged at optimal current and voltage even under heavy loads. The TPS2584x-Q1 includes high bandwidth analog switches for DP and DM pass-through. The TPS25840-Q1 also integrates short to battery protection on VBUS, DM_IN, and DP_IN pins. These pins can withstand a voltage up to 18V. While TPS25842-Q1 doesn’t support data line (Dx) short to VBAT protection.