USB Interface IC USB Type-A to Type-C Port Converter with Protection

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Description of product

MAX20463 Automotive USB Type-A to Type-C Converter

Maxim Integrated MAX20463 Automotive USB Type-A to Type-C Converters are used to convert an existing USB-A head-unit captive-cable port to a head-unit USB Type-C captive-cable port. The MAX20463 devices are designed for automotive modules. At the end of the cable, an existing upstream head-unit USB-A solution and USB-A captive-cable housing can be reused. The device protection features include ±15kV/±8kV IEC 61000-4-2 ESD on CC1/CC2, and IEC ESD with short-to-battery (18V) on SENSE/HVBUS. The MAX20463A senses a short of the passenger cable shield to a car battery, preventing damage to the port.